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VBA Section 1: The VBA for Excel Programming Environment

The programming environment in VBA for Excel is one of the most friendly and forgiving. Its two main components are the Visual Basic Editor and the Macro Recorder. The latter will be your teacher (and a very good one) for the first few weeks . It will then become your permanent assistant writing long sentences of code without complaining and without typos.

In this section we will also study the security aspects in the VBA for Excel environment and the events (what triggers the VBA procedures).

The lessons in this section are:

Lesson 1-1: The Visual Basic Editor (VBE)
Lesson 1-2:
The Project  Window

Lesson 1-3:
The Properties  Window

Lesson 1-4:
The Code  Window

Lesson 1-5:
Developing Macros in the VBE

Lesson 1-6:
Testing Macros in the VBE

Lesson 1-7:
VBA Security and Protection

Lesson 1-8:
Excel Macro Recorder

Lesson 1-9:
Modifying Macros in the VBE

Lesson 1-10:
VBA Events


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