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Programmers Vocabulary

VBA Programming

Visual Basic Editor (VBE)
The Project  Window
The Properties  Window
The Code  Window
Developing Macros in the VBE
Testing Macros in the VBE
Excel Macro Recorder
Modifying Macros in the VBE
VBA Security and Protection
VBA Events

VBA Coding

General Coding Tips
Code for Errors
Code for the Application
Code for the Workbooks
Code for the Worksheets
Range and Cells
Rows and Columns
Formulas and Values
Special addresses
Pasting and handling errors
Advanced Features
Message Boxes
Database and Filters
Code for Statements
Code for Functions
Code for Variables
External Data and SQL
Other Objects, Other Code


Developing Userforms
Userforms Properties
Controls' Properties
Command Buttons
Text Boxes
Combo Boxes
List Boxes
Check Boxes and Others
Spin Buttons



Excel VBA Consulting

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