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I am kind of fed up having to use my calculator when some totals that I need are not on the Excel spreadsheet that I receive. Anything easier to suggest?

There is an integrated calculator in Excel. Select any number of cells with numbers in them. Look at the bottom of your screen below the grid and you will see the total, This calculator can return sums, counts, averages and other results. See more in the Excel chapter 3A

There are many sheets in my spreadsheet and I am tired of using the arrows to go right and left to find my sheets. Anything simpler?

If there are more worksheets in your workbook than there is room to show all their tabs at the bottom of the screen, you then left click on one of the arrows   to scroll right and left and find your worksheet. INSTEAD right click on the set of arrows. A list of all your worksheets is shown. You just click on the one that you want to access. If you have more than 15 worksheets, select   in the list and choose your worksheet from hundreds.

I have to do a lot of copy/paste from Word to Excel. Any easy way not to have to go from one to the other all the time?

Split the screen. Right click on the "Start" bar (where I have added red aterisks in the image below) and select "Tile Vertically". Do all your copy/paste without the switching between screens.

See more on double screens in Excel chapter 3B

I found it irritting to enter dates manualy. Do you have a suggestion.

To enter today's date in a cell just hold the CTRL key and press semi-colon (;). To enter the time hold CTRL/SHIFT and press colon (:)

If you want the day's date to appear and change each time you open your spreadsheet, use the formula =Now() formatting the cell to show a date. If you format the cell to show a time, it will show the time when the workbook was last opened.

How can I enter the same value in 50 cells witout having to copy/paste them?

Select you 50 cells, enter the value in the formula bar (above the grid) press and hold the "CTRL" key and click on "Enter"


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