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It gets frustrating trying to add dollar signs to my adresses to make my references absolute. Suggestion?

Click on the address in the formula bar (above the grid) and use the F4 key. See more on this interesting functionality in Excel chapter 12

How can I avoid error messages in my formulas like #DIV/0!, #Value! or #NA!?

You need to encase your formulas with and ISERROR function. See how easy it is in Excel chapter 10

I want to develop a dashboard in Excel combining a few tables and charts. How can I do this?

You develop your full-size tables and charts on different sheets. Then you take pictures of these elements with the camera that is integrated within Excel and you assemble them on your dashboard. These pictures are dynamic. It means that when you make changes to your full-size tables and charts the pictures are automatically refreshed. See how it is done with step by step explanations on how to activate the camera and use it in "excel-tutorial-camera.xls"


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