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Here is a sample of what you will find in the downloadable Tutorial on Excel macros

VBA Macros Security and Protection in Excel

Note 1: You will change the security setting one single time. You will not have to do it again. Tell your colleagues about it specially if you want to send them Excel workbooks with macros. The setting suggested here is totally safe and you will not make your computer vulnerable to any virus.

Note 2: If you are using Excel 1997 to 2006 see lesson 10 here

Special note for users of Excel 2007: See how to install the Visual Basic Editor from your Office CD and set the security level of your Excel.

If you send a workbook with macros to a colleague and he can not get them to work it is probably because his security setting is at "High" . Tell him how to change his level of security by going to the "Developer" ribbon, clicking on "Macro Security", selecting "Macro Settings and checking the second level "Disable all Macros with Notification" and you are set.

VBA security setting 2007

From then on each time you open a workbook that contains macros a temporary status bar appears above the grid in Excel:

VBA macro enable

Click on "Options" and the following dialog window will appear.

VBA for Excel Security macros enable window

Adopt the same attitude as you have with documents attached to Emails. If you know the origin of the file you may enable the macros if not click on "Disable Macros" and you are fully protected. You can look at the workbook but the VBA procedures (macros) are not operational. You can go to the Visual Basic Editor to take a look at the macros. If nothing looks suspicious close the workbook and re-open it enabling the macros.

Password Protecting the code

As an Excel-VBA Developer you might want to protect your code so that nobody else may modify it. In the VBE editor go to "Tools/VBAProject Properties/Protection" . Check the box and submit a password. Make sure that you save the password somewhere that you will remember. If ever you loose the password for an important workbook you can always buy a program on the Internet that will allow you to view the code even if it is password protected.

Remember that passwords are like any locks, they only keep the honest people out.

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For more on this topic and a complete course on Excel macros download the
Tutorial on Excel Macros

To organize your discovery of Excel macros, the downloadable Tutorial on Excel Macros is divided in three sections (all 3  sections part of the single download):

Section 1: Excel Macros Programming (Chapters 1 to 10)
This section is about recording, writing, modifying and testing macros in the Visual Basic Editor. You will also learn about security and discover "events" (an event is what starts the macro).

Section 2: Excel VBA Vocabulary (Chapters 11 to 23)
Developing a macro is communicating with Excel and to do so you need to use a language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). In section 2 you will learn all the VBA vocabulary that is essential to work with business data (accounting, sales, production and others).

Section 3: Forms and Controls in VBA for Exce (Chapters 24 to 33)
The userform is a small or large dialog window that you create and allows the user to submit values that will be used by your macros. To these userforms you will add controls (command buttons, text boxes, list boxes and others) and program them.