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Here is a sample of what you will find in lesson 25 of the downloadable Tutorial on Excel macros

Lesson 25 on Excel macros (VBA):

Userforms Properties and VBA Code

In this lesson we will review some of the properties of the userform, we will develop some programming to call the userform and some other programming within the userform itself.

Userforms Properties

When you double click on the userform name in the project window of the Visual Basic Editor the properties windows shows 35 properties of the userform. On this website we will work with two of them. For the other 33 properties see the downloadable course on Excel macros (VBA)

New userform in VBA

VBA Code within the UserForm

In lesson 9 you have learned about events. The events trigger the macros. There are many events that happen around the userform. For example, a macro can start when the userform is shown (or activated) and another macro can start when a user clicks on a command button. You will learn all these two events in the downloadable tutorial on Excel macros.

We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to lesson 25
for more on this topic and a complete course on Excel macros download the
Tutorial on Excel Macros

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