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The Tutorial on Excel Macros (VBA)
For beginners, intermediate and advanced users

When I decided to learn about Excel macros I had been working as a Business Data Analyst (accounting, finance, sales, production...) for more than 20 years and I had no background in programming.

Even if I had an MBA and was recognized as a competent analyst by my clients (Fortune 500), a lot of books, websites and courses on macros (VBA) developed by professional computer programmers made me feel inadequate.

I discovered rapidly that there were complex and simple ways to do things in VBA. I chose the simple ways to make myself useful and efficient. I was 45 years old then and I started a new very rewarding career as a Consultant in Excel (with a very solid background in business data analysis and reporting). The rewards were both financial and intellectual.

I share these simple ways in my tutorial. It will help you achieve your goals whatever your background
and it will NOT make you feel inadequate.

If you are good at what you do, you will become even better, you will do things that you thought were impossible with Excel and you will work a lot faster.

The Tutorial on Excel Macros (VBA)
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Compatible with
Excel 1997 to 2014


33 Complete Lessons
Many more Tips, Ideas, Examples and Exercises
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For beginners, intermediate and advanced users

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