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Discovering Macros
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What can be done with macros?

With VBA you can ask Excel to accomplish the work that you would have to do manually. It will do it more rapidly, it will do it without errors and it will do EXACTLY what you need no more no less.

Here are the four main reasons why people discover and use macros:

- with simple macros you will get Excel to accomplish repetitive tasks over and over again. A macro will complete in seconds what would take you hours to do manually.

- with more advanced macros you can work with enormous sets of data. With a macro 1,000,000 cells can be calculated in less that 3 seconds. Such a task is virtually impossible with Excel functions and formulas alone.

- With Excel and VBA you can develop the applications to finish the job downstream from your centralized databases, accounting programs, and all CRM and ERP programs. They all do it in large corporations using JDE, PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, etc. The final analysis and reporting is developed in Excel. Excel is the great equalizer allowing small enterprises to analyse their data as well as the large corporations.

- ultimately with VBA for Excel you can develop almost any program that will suit your needs. There are millions of programs available on the market but finding the one that does exactly what you need is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. With macros in Excel you can develop a program that will do exactly what you need. The program can be a a special accounting system, an inventory management, a quotation application, a financial data analyzer, a business model or anything that you need and it can extract data from any database anywhere in the world. With Excel you can produce these analysis and reports that are so vital to making the right decision and making it rapidly. The success of your business is the ultimate goal.

90% of the data analysis and reporting is done with Excel in small, medium and large enterprises. Even the large enterprises that spend millions of dollars in databases and centralized programs (accounting, sales, production, etc) end up analyzing their data with Excel.

NO COMPROMISE you need what you need.

Who can learn VBA?

VBA is a very simple language to talk with Excel. It is a friendly programming language and very easy to use. So anybody who is interested and ready to invest some time in a very rewarding and enabling learning process can do it. No backgroud in programmin necessary.

A special tool in VBA for Excel called the Macro Recorder will be a great teacher and will remain your assistant ever after. You start the recorder, you do what you need to do and the macro recorder tells you what words to use for Excel to understand.

There is nothing to buy or install. It is already there within Excel and it is waiting for you.

With Excel you accomplish miracles
With macros you automate them


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